Dining Recommendations

Memphis is a foodie town. We have some much more than our world class barbeque to offer. Check this listing of staff recommendations for great places to dine in Memphis. Many of the options are within walking distance of The Peabody.

Restaurant Recommendations 

Majestic Grille
(901) 522-8555
High End – American Fare
Location Map

(901) 467-0308
Casual (In Holiday Inn lobby) – American Fare
Location Map

(901) 598-3992
High End – Wine Pairings
Location Map

Itta Bena
(901) 578-3031
High End – Above BB King’s
Location Map

Grey Canary
(901) 249-2932
High End – in Old Dominick’s Brewery
Location Map

Catherine & Mary’s
(901) 254-8600
High End Italian
Location Map

(901) 527-7085
Great Wine Cellar, Private Dining Room
Location Map

Chez Phillppe
(901) 529-4188
French – In the Peabody
Location Map

Capriccio Grill
(901) 529-4000
Steakhouse – In the Peabody
Location Map

117 Prime
(901) 433-9851
High End American
Location Map

South of Beale
(901) 370-2144
Unique American Fare
Location Map

(901) 260-3300
French & Hungarian
Location Map

Midtown / Overton Square

Drive or taxi/Uber/Lyft to/from Peabody

Porch & Parlor
(901) 725-4000
Location Map

Boscos Restaurant & Brewery Company
(901) 432-2222
Craft Beer and Southern favorites
Location Map

Lafayette’s Music Room
(901) 207-5097
Live music and Southern food
Location Map

Peacock & Tiger
Inside the Memphian Hotel rooftop
(901) 538-7313
Cocktails and small plates
Location Map

Complicated Pilgrim
Inside the Memphian Hotel
(901) 538-7309
Fine dining
Location Map

Because of Covid, some of the restaurants have changed hours/days of operation. We recommend making reservations early. If you are having trouble finding a place, please let the Memphis team know and we’ll try to help.