Conference Policies

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Registrations, cancellations and refund requests must be submitted in writing. Approved refunds will be processed after the meeting takes place. There will be no refunds of any kind provided within two weeks of an event date. Cancellations with outstanding invoices received within two weeks of the start of the conference, will require full payment on the balance due. Refunds will not be provided, and balance dues will not be forgiven for no-shows. Substitutions within the same conference will be accepted without penalties. The difference between member and non-member price will be charged if a non-member replaces a member. Substitutions will be accepted with a written request to The individual substituting for the original registrant is responsible for all financial obligations (balance due; difference in fees due to membership type) associated with that substitution.

For all inquiries regarding cancellations, refunds and substitutions, please contact Lisa Spinelli 901-922-8079 or

SEC-AAAE Conference Cancellation

SEC-AAAE reserves the right to postpone or cancel an event if the number of registrants is insufficient; due to acts of God; or any other reason beyond SEC-AAAE’s control. In this event, we will notify all registrants and credit the full registration fee. However, any costs incurred by the registrant, such as hotel cancellation or airline penalties, are the responsibility of the registrant. Confirmation letters will be emailed to attendees within two weeks of receipt of registration. Please note failure to receive a confirmation letter before an event will not be grounds for a refund.

Photo/Video Disclaimer

By registering for and attending any SEC-AAAE event, you agree that your image or voice may be used at any time, without further notification, for printed materials, web sites, social media and/or other marketing purposes.

Conference Badges

SEC-AAAE strictly prohibits any badge sharing, splitting or reprinting. All attendees and exhibitors must wear a badge for access to all SEC-AAAE sessions and events. Any violation of this policy may result in immediate removal from an event and cancellation of the registration, without receiving a refund. In addition, SEC-AAAE reserves the right to deny registration for future events.

Registration Eligibility

SEC-AAAE meetings and events are intended for adults only; no children under the age of 18 are permitted to register or attend without the prior written approval of the Senior Vice President of SEC-AAAE Meetings. In addition, children under the age of 16 must receive prior written approval to enter the trade show floor of an event and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while on the trade show floor.

Alcohol Consumption

Event venues that SEC-AAAE contracts with will not serve alcoholic beverages at a SEC-AAAE event to anyone under the age of 21. We reserve the right to instruct any service provider of alcoholic beverages at a SEC-AAAE event to refuse service of alcohol to anyone who appears intoxicated, if so observed.

Code of Conduct

SEC-AAAE and AAAE are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all event participants and staff. All participants including but not limited to attendees, speakers, volunteers, exhibitors, staff, and service providers, are expected to abide by the AAAE Code of Conduct, and this code applies to all SEC-AAAE meeting related events including those sponsored by organizations other than SEC-AAAE but held in conjunction with SEC-AAAE events, either in public or private facilities. In addition, SEC-AAAE members must adhere to the AAAE Code of Ethics. Refusal to adhere to these policies may result in immediate removal from a AAAE event and cancellation of the registration, without receiving a refund. In addition, registrations for future conferences may be denied.

All SEC-AAAE conference policies are in line with standard AAAE conference and meeting policies.